Studio A

Virtual Production Studio

Our virtual production studio in Greenville, South Carolina is a 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art video production playground offering unlimited creative potential.

Save time and money with an LED wall

Get excited: when you have access to an LED volume, you have the option to shoot anywhere you want–even on the moon. Even on a different planet. The only thing limiting you is your creativity. 

Not only that, but you can shoot several locations in one day without ever needing to move your crew. Oh, and forget about waiting around for that fleeting golden hour. Just create it yourself—it’s all completely under your control. 

Sounds like music to a producer’s ears, right?

Technical Specs

Technology partners

What can be filmed on an LED wall?

Behind the Scenes

Choose your level of Virtual Production

Our pricing is based on your specific needs, pre-production time and planning, and how long you’ll need to finish your project. Have questions? Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.


$ 2,000 per Day
  • 10 hour production day
  • 1 hour with VP Tech included
  • You provide the content to project on the LED wall
  • No camera tracking
  • Additional time with VP Tech billed at $300/hour
  • Additional time in studio past 10 hours billed at $150/hour


$ 4,500 Per Day
  • 10 hour production day
  • 3 crew members for the entire day: VP Supervisor, Unreal Engine Technician, Optitrack Technician
  • Choose from over 15 pre-configured 3D environments in our library, provide your own 3D environment, or hire us to create a custom world
  • Active camera tracking with 12 Optitrack cameras
  • Additional time in studio past 10 hours is billed at $350/hour

Basic Explained

A still photo or locked video plate on the wall without camera tracking.

Perfect for:

  • Scenes with a locked camera and a still or looping video as a background
  • Talking heads
  • Training videos
  • Videos requiring macro or close-focus, i.e. product videos
  • Background plates behind a set

How it works:

  • Our VP tech will greet you and set up your wall with your assets in the first hour. After that, you’re free to start shooting.
  • Any additional hours needed with the tech or in studio will be billed per the rates in the tier pricing above.

PREMIUM Explained

An unlimited solution for your video project using all the capabilities of the wall and our camera tracking system.

Perfect for:

Any project where you need a background to track with your camera. But really, the sky’s the limit.

How it works:

  • You have some choices for your environment. You can…
    • Provide a production-ready Unreal Engine Environment for our team
    • Select a premade environment from our library. If you want us to customize it, we can do that at an additional cost.
    • We can make a custom one for you (additional scope required)
  • On the day of the shoot, our team will work with you for the entire production. This crew includes:
    • VP Supervisor
    • Unreal Engine Technician
    • Optitrack Technician
  • Additional roles can be hired if needed.
  • We use 12 Optitrack sensors to track your camera within the 3D environment. This provides the ability to move your camera anywhere on set and provide the perfect parallax. 

Pre-light day

In order to get the most out of your film day, we highly recommend a pre-light day to do final looks on the LED wall and calibrate lenses. Rate is $2,000/day for 8 hours.