Studio B

Broadcast recording studio

Pronk Studios has its very own broadcast recording studio perfect for live streams, presentations, podcasts, and so much more.

Save time and money with an LED wall

The virtual LED wall is a valuable tool for film productions. It saves time and money by allowing more location options in a day, reducing the need for travel. Filmmakers can customize their settings, bringing their creative vision to life without compromise. Additionally, the virtual LED wall provides greater control over lighting, eliminating the need to worry about the sun’s position.

Technical Specs

Technology partners

What can be filmed in Studio B?

Behind the Scenes


Podcast contracts are month-to-month and pricing is guaranteed one year from signing.

Setup Fee

$ 500 One-Time Fee
  • Onboarding meeting
  • Assistance with hosting setup if using Simplecast
  • Project management
  • Editing show intro, outro, and music selection

Studio Time

$ 200 an hour
  • Full access to features of the studio
  • A dedicated show producer
  • Studio time over an hour is charged in half-hour increments at $100/hour
  • Full day Studio rental - $1,000/day
  • Half day Studio rental - $500/day

Podcast Editing

$ 150 Per podcast episode
recorded in our studio
  • 1 podcast episode with your logo, intro, outro/end card and any commercials or sponsor information into the show
  • 1 promo snippet up to 1:00 minute in length
  • Up to 3 hours editing time
  • 1 revision
  • Editing beyond 3 hours charged at $75/hour
  • Rush turnaround in less than 5 business days: $75/episode

Tier 1 Explained

Flat Wall

What it is a Flat Wall:

A still photo or locked video plate on the wall without camera tracking.

Perfect for:

  • Scenes with a locked camera and a still or looping video as a background
  • Talking heads
  • Training videos
  • Videos requiring macro or close-focus, i.e. product videos
  • Background plates behind a set

How it works:

  • Our VP tech will greet you and set up your wall with your assets in the first hour. After that, you’re free to start shooting.
  • Any additional hours needed with the tech or in studio will be billed per the rates in the tier pricing above.

Tier 2 Explained

Custom Flat Wall

What it is a Custom Flat Wall:

A full 3D environment chosen from our pre-built library with the ability to customize as needed for your project.

Perfect for:

  • Situations where you need complete control over the scene. You can turn the room, move the sun, add props and landscaping, build something otherworldly, and make tweaks to get the perfect look for your scene.

How it works:

  • As soon as you book with us, we will share our library of 3D environments for you to preselect and set a meeting with our environment designer to get a feel for your project needs.
  • Once you meet, we’ll spend 2 hours customizing the environment. Customizations available include:
    • Colors
    • Props
    • Sun position
    • Lighting
    • Sky
    • Added animations of people, birds, vehicles, etc.
    • If you need a fully customized world, we’re happy to make that at an additional cost
  • Within a week of your shoot, you’ll come to the studio for a pre-vis session with your VP tech. During this session, we’ll load all of the 3D environments on the wall so you can review, approve, and lock in shots for your shoot day.
  • During the production, our VP tech will be on set for up to 3 hours throughout your day to set up the 3D environments, match perspectives with your camera, and make any final adjustments to the environment.
    • Please note you do not have to use all three hours up front. Our VP Tech can pop in and out as needed.

Tier 3 Explained

Full XR Stage Production

What it is a Full XR Stage Production:

An unlimited solution for your video project using all the capabilities of the wall and our camera tracking system.

Perfect for:

Any project where you need a background to track with your camera. But really, the sky’s the limit.

How it works:

  • You have some choices for your environment. You can…
    • Provide a production-ready Unreal Engine Environment for our team
    • Select a premade environment from our library. If you want us to customize it, we can do that at an additional cost.
    • We can make a custom one for you (additional scope required).
  • You’ll have the chance to review any environments we make for you in our screening room up to 2 hours, if desired.
  • Prelight day: up to 8 hours for our team to configure environments and calibrate your cameras and lenses. You can also use the time to set up lights and do any rehearsals.
    • We recommend at minimum your Director, Producer, and DP be on set that day.
  • On the day of the shoot, our team will work with you for the entire production. This crew includes:
    • VP Supervisor
    • Unreal Engine Technician
    • Optitrack Technician
  • Additional roles can be hired if needed.
  • We use 12 Optitrack sensors to track your camera within the 3D environment. This provides the ability to move your camera anywhere on set and provide the perfect parallax.